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We offer 16 checks free of cost to a new user. If you are satisfied with our service, you can purchase more checks from our packages.

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Use cases

Our service could be used by to buy goods at the lowest possible price, to monitor their competitor’s prices, to safeguard web content, for staying updated with new job postings, to ensure the legality of the content posted on a site, to know about brand mentions, for gaining quick access to press releases, to gain an understanding of latest industry related happenings, to follow key news stories and to keep an eye on vital social media accounts.

Why choose our SiteContentMonitor’s expert services?
Fully customizable detection mechanism:

Our cloud-based website change monitoring service is a 100% proven methodology to identify any defacement, defects and business-critical website changes even in highly secured websites and on complex web pages. Want more? We allow our users to set up custom conditions for monitoring the various kinds of content in the desired links.

Premium customer support:

All our best in class subscription plans offer dedicated expert support available round the clock. Sit back and harness the real power of SiteContentMonitor to resolve your challenges in website monitoring and tackle all your challenging use cases with much of ease.