About us

Who we are?

SiteContentMonitor is a promising Information technology firm founded in 2020 in TamilNadu, India by an IT techie Mr. Sivasankar. We plan to offer a range of innovative solutions in the fields of marketing, sales, and competitive intelligence systems. Our ultimate objective is to aid in the business growth of our valuable customers in all the possible ways by means of our cutting-edge technologies.

Our latest product in this line-up is an advanced tool called as the ‘Change detection and notification’ software also known as "website content change monitor". This technology empowers the customers to effectively analyze the content changes in their competitor’s websites and grab hold of their ever changing digital marketing tactics instantly even on the go. Our specialized tool is capable of tracking all types of website content including images, media, banners, text, forms and widgets. This provides awareness to our users about the recent industry trends, ensure company or vendor competence and compare and analyze their progress rates.

Unlike a few others in the industry, we are not particularly focused towards a particular domain or technology. Our open work culture focuses on learning day-in and day-out and performing the job in the most efficient and economical manner as possible, much to the delight of our esteemed clients. You can also contact us for all your web development needs.