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Various advancements in the IT sector have provided solutions for a majority of problems of the present business landscape. Yet, it has always been difficult to track all the real time changes of a live website that is available on the internet. To aid this purpose, various online change monitoring tools have come into existence. These tools provide a host of features to satisfy various use cases related to web content change monitoring as discussed in this article below.

Architecture design:

To begin with, any kind of content monitoring service will always be facilitated by a server and client based architecture. The change monitoring server will at first send a request to the website to be crawled. Then content crawling takes place, which will then be followed by comparing the current content with the previously crawled content version. For this, the client must install a plug-in on the browser and then add pages to the plug-in. The plug-in will then visit the particular webpage, compare the content, and notify the user about the recently made changes.

The need for an automated tool:

Hence it is always recommended to make a list of all websites that needs to be tracked in the change monitoring software. Once done, it will be really easy to track changes without actually visiting the target website or availing a mail subscription or by consuming their RSS feeds or by frequently following their social media profiles. Now you may think, what is the need to opt for a change monitoring service when it is possible to manually track the website content changes through all the previously mentioned methods? Well, it will only work when you have a lot of time in your hand and left with only a very few numbers of websites to keep tabs on.

Let us assume that you are planning to track more than a dozen of websites. In such a scenario, you may be in a position to visit them as frequently as once every 5 minutes or several times an hour or on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Tracking all changes in the website content for such many websites would be extremely time-consuming and challenging as time progresses on. Further, your job will become a lot more difficult if new content gets added to the websites that are available on your watch-list too!.

Detect website changes of the dynamic nature of websites:

Identifying change volume and changing the process of webpages has been of great interest to the analyst. The content of webpages and their change frequencies have been highly focused areas in competitive research.

Table below presents a summary of the various research work carried out to detect the dynamic nature of web content. It can be seen that webpages belonging to popular websites such as sports and news websites tend to change frequently whereas webpages belonging to government and educational domains change less frequently. Hence, it can be concluded that webpages belonging to popular websites tend to change more frequently than those of less popular websites that target specific functions and niche audiences.

Work Websites crawled Pages changed significantly Pages not changed
Cho and Garcia-Molina 2000 720,000 webpages
from 270 websites
40% of the crawled
Over 50% of .com and
.edu webpages
Fetterly & team 2003 150 million
Webpages of .edu
domain and spam
Webpages of .org and
.gov domains
Adar & team 2009 55,000 webpages Popular webpages
(e.g. sports, news, etc.)
Webpages of .gov
and .edu domains
Elsas and Dumais 2010  2,000,000 HTML
Highly relevant
62% of the crawled
Saad and Gançarski 2012 100 webpages from
FranceTV archive
Webpages at the root
level of the archive
Webpages in deepest
levels of the archive

SiteContentMonitor’s advantage:

So, that is where a professional content monitoring service provider such as Sitecontentmonitor could come to your rescue. In fact, it would be highly beneficial for your own website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysis and for avoiding any form of a security breach. By means of effortlessly comparing HTML rendered texts in public or password protected user to view, HTML source files, Static and dynamic contents, JavaScript rendered web pages, HTML output screenshots and media contents such as pdf or photo replacement or changes in document content through our exclusive tool, you can just sit back and relax…

List of features provided by various tools available in the market:

Common features:

  • Comparison through domain URL or a single webpage
  • Fully customizable tracking frequency
  • Instant email notifications
  • Data archive facility
  • Ability to select page elements to crawl such as XPath, phrases, or keywords
  • Clear color-coded comparisons
  • Monitor website changes free for a new user or trial period

Special features:

  • Regular SMS alerts
  • Page rank checking feature
  • Cookie tracking
  • Content export support
  • Slack and Zapier third party integration
  • Choose your proxy and user agent
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • A dedicated browser extension
  • An easy to use a desktop app
  • On-demand monitoring utility
  • Easy to control the notification frequency

Exclusive features:

  • Track your complete target website with at most ease
  • Tracking on a daily/weekly/bi-weekly and monthly basis as per your subscription. We even offer free tracking for a quarterly subscription
  • By employing the NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, we can provide valuable insights and a competitive edge to your business
  • Color-coded comparisons make change tracking almost a cakewalk!!!
  • All new and lost URLs are recorded for every single crawl to avoid data loss


The advantage of storing HTML files, interactive change reports using visualized text changes, the capability to analyze the page loading speed, change percentage calculation for a given page on the internet, and exceptional customer support are a few of the stand-out features of our Sitecontentmonitor tracking tool. We hope that you are now well aware of the various content monitoring tools which are currently available in the market. Visit this link to find out more about our revolutionary software: