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Content monitoring is the process to catch problems before they escalate because maintaining your reputation is a long term strategy, even after removing the content successfully, there are chances that new material or similar issues can resurface on another site.

Web content monitoring makes sure that once a reputation has been repaired and restored, it remains that way.


It could be understood as following-

  • The process

The process of scouring the internet under certain key terms which helps to monitor any mentions across the entire world wide web is known as Content Monitoring.

  • The Monitoring

Website content monitoring of any digital mentions enables the fast detection of any content we believe may be a concern and has grounds for removal.

  • The cure

After detecting any concerns of cancer, we advise clients on their options and act as fast as possible to mitigate the impact and ensure their reputation remains untarnished.

Features and Benefits of Web Content Monitoring

  • It detects any security breaches on your website including unauthorized addition or modification of HTML elements including the percentage of text and script modified.
  • It rapidly discovers any quality issues, outages, and website errors.
  • Identifies changes in HTML elements like 'href' or 'src' and attributes to a previously unused domain name.
  • Security infringements are identified very early.
  • Provides defense against SQL injection attacks.
  • Increases website and web application availability.

Best website content monitoring service

Web content monitoring service lets you monitor your websites for malicious insertions, defacement, and modification. They will be notified promptly during hack detection. The Website Content Monitoring feature allows you to monitor six basic HTML elements. These include Text, Script, Image, anchor, Iframe a, and Link. It immediately detects website hack and any change in website content and quickly reports before it can affect your customer.

Web content monitoring tools

Standard defacement Web Content monitoring includes tracking any unauthorized addition or modification of the content in terms of the following HTML elements:

  • Text Defacement - Identification in content changes that concern the visible reentered content on the web page.
  • Script Defacement - Identification of the changes in the scripts that detection of any 'src' attribute changes for the external script.
  • Image Defacement - Identification of  'src' attribute changes present in the images on the web page and alert when the image displayed is from a new domain other than the captured domains.
  • Anchor Defacement - Identification of 'href' attribute changes in the anchor links on the web page and alerting in case of a new domain other than the captured domains.
  • Iframe Defacement - Identification of 'src' attribute changes in iframe elements to notify in case of changes in the domain name.
  • Link Defacement - Identification of  'href' attribute changes in the link elements of the web page.


Content monitoring is not a technology problem, it is rather an issue of filters and key terms. Using web content monitoring provides a fast start to your deployment. However, it is necessary to develop the appropriate key terms and phrases to have the greatest benefit to your organization. The ultimate goal of this content monitoring is to minimize false positives to allow the organization to view true information leaks. Once the leaks are found, policies on information security are used more effectively.