Cookies Notice:

SiteContentMonitor, will make use of your cookies (a small data placed on your computer) to effectively display our website in your internet browser. By availing our services, you are hereby providing your consent to us for the acceptable usage of cookies to improve your browsing experience. Suppose, if you wish to prevent your browser from storing cookies, you are requested to block the cookies in your web browser.

We are currently storing only the following kinds of cookies in our servers:

    i. Session Cookies:
Session cookies keep track of your information as you navigate across various pages of our website and are typically deleted once you close your browser.

    ii. Analytics Cookies:
Analytics cookies help us gain an understanding about our site’s functionalities and our current active users. For this purpose, we employ Google Analytics tool, whose terms are governed by the Google’s Privacy Policy.

    iii. Google Recaptcha:
We utilize Google Recaptcha cookies in the contact form while checking Recaptcha, so as to avoid any form of spam messages. Please bear in mind that the Google Recaptcha's cookies collect the visitor’s IP address, form data and site cookies as well.

    iv. AddToAny Cookies:
SiteContentMonitor implements AddToAny cookies for ensuring that all our site’s features function as intended by tracking the user’s IP address and the pages visited per browsing session.

Form data usage:

We reserve the rights to use the data that you provide in our website’s contact form and newsletter form mainly for the following purposes:

    a. To perform internal record keeping
    b. To help our overall service levels
    c. For periodically sending newsletters and other important client communication

If you no longer wish to be contacted, you can simply mail us any time at info at sitecontentmonitor dot com


SiteContentMonitor uses PayPal gateway to receive all your credit card and debit card payments. We would like to confirm that no card related details are exposed to SiteContentMonitor whatsoever in the entire payment process. Other user related information such as your name, mailing address, date of birth, contact number and organization’s details are collected as a part of your billing information while placing an order. This will help our customer support team to contact you when there is an issue then and there.

User Consent:

By accessing our website or availing our services, you adhere to all the above-mentioned clauses in this Privacy Policy document. If you are not willing to accept any of the terms mentioned in this Privacy Policy, you are kindly requested to restrain from using SiteContentMonitor and its associated products/services.